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Freedom is in the Mind
The power of hope for people in and released
from prison

Welcome to the future.  A new focus. A new attitude.

Freedom is in the Mind is a humanitarian project that explores the potential of hope for people in prison and released from prison, and was founded by David.  Hope is positive energy that could unlock the key to freedom in the mind, and its endless possibilities for leading a fulfulling life. It's foundations are based on positive psychology, and its benefits are scientifically proven.

The project started in 2017 because prisoners and ex-offenders deserve better. They deserve a second chance to turn their life around. This starts with self-belief. 


The project aims are to empower people in prison and people released from prison across the world to use their own mental resources to succeed and to transform their lives by providing the tools and techniques needed to become self-sufficient. When the resources and support needed in prison and in the community are not available, or not working, people in and released from prison can use their mind to thrive. 


By using positive psychological theory and techniques, prisoners and people released from prison can help themselves and create their own futures.

I hope you will join me on this exciting journey into the future, where prisons become places of hope,  prisoners can be saved from despair, and people released from prison can realise their true potential and create new futures for themselves. 

Hope empowers.

The Project Roadmap


Freedom is in the Mind project is created, designed to transform the lives of prisoners and ex-offenders across the world. Work begins on a book for prisoners about hope. 


PhD research is secured at Durham University, supervised by Professor Graham Towl and Professor Tammi Walker. 


Freedom is in the Mind book for prisoners is published. PhD is underway. Submission of dissertation on hope to journals.


PhD projected to be completed and findings published. Hope Prison Programmes are developed and delivered in prisons across the world.


The future starts today.


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