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For Families and Friends of serving prisoners

This area of the website is for families and friends, or anyone who knows a serving prisoner. Hope plays an important part in everyone's life. 

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Why Hope is important to prisoners

Being in prison can be a life changing experience not only for the person convicted, but also for loved ones left behind. It can be traumatising, and life may never be the same again. 

You will be doing all that you can to support a person in prison by making regular contact with them, and encouraging them to be positive, in a situation that is probably negative. Often, people in prison are the forgotten people. 

There are a number of good support organisations and charities that can help you and the person inside but this support is not available all the time. When the cell door closes at night, the prisoner is left with their own solitary thoughts. Some prisoners are affered places on programmes to help them to rehabilitate, but these can be very short-term in nature, and sustained interest against a backdrop of violent and unstable prison wings, means that this can evaporate quickly. 

What this project is trying to achieve is to give prisoners the mental resources to help themselves, so that they have the power to make decisions about their life, and their future with a renewed sense of purpose. This is help that comes from within, and is not reliant on support programmes and short-term interventions. It provides the focus and energy to increase the prisoner's levels of positivity, and provides sustained momentum to move forward and make change happen. 

Freedom is in the Mind was created for prisoners. It is based on scientific research and ideas. Every prisoner has the same opportunity to use it. Help to spead the word so that we can help all prisoners. 

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