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Freedom is in the Mind website is launched


19 Aug 2022

Freedom is in the Mind website is launched

Perhaps long overdue, but the Freedom is in the Mind website launched today, to communicate a project for hope for prisoners. For many years now, prisons have generally been places of hopelessness, and prisoners stuck in endless rehabilitation cycles.

The project is a long term commitment to help prisoners to find their own way, and to empower themselves, by harnessing the potential of positive psychological energy. This is the very basis by which everything we are and aspire to be operates, and is the starting point for every prisoner wishing to attain freedom in their mind.

The project's first aim is to publish a book called 'Freedom is in the Mind'. This documents ideas and the theory of hope and applies them to the prisoner situation, and is the platform by which hope in prisons can be developed further into the future.

Join us on this journey into the future, where we can imagine prison communities that are places of hope.

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