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Freedom is in the Mind book prepares for release in July

It's taken nearly 3 years to write, and is probably the only self-help book on hope for people in and released from prison available in the world today. It has one purpose: to help people to imagine and grab hold of a better future. The book releases in July 2023 and will be available to buy from Amazon and directly from the Freedom is in the Mind website. The book will also be stocked in a number of prisons across the world at no cost to people in prison.

Prisons can be harsh places and when support is not available, people in prison can rely on their own mind to move forward. They can move from hopeless positions to places of hope.

The book is part of a larger academic project to bring the power of hope to people in prison by understanding how hope and positive psychology can change people's lives for good, and is based on academic research on prison hope, with some early research ideas added in.


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