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The power of hope for prisoners and people released from prison

Updated: Aug 13

Being a prisoner or a person who has served a custodial sentence is difficult. There are barriers to overcome that people in general society do not need to worry about, such as stigma, a criminal record and in some cases, PTSD, from the experience of being incarcerated, but some people overcome these barriers and go on to do great things.

There are a range of support services available for prisoners preparing for release or ex-offenders, to help find a job, find somewhere to live, to study and learn new skills, and rehab services to deal with any addictions, but this is only the beginning.

The key to fulfilling your life in the long run isn't about jobs, housing and studying. It's about understanding yourself and how to reach your full potential. It's about imagining a future for yourself, and it's much bigger than you think.

Freedom is in the Mind is a mental health resource that provides help and advice on how you can do this and is designed for prisoners across the world. It is due to be released in 2023.


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