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Freedom is in the Mind - the book

Freedom is in the Mind - The Book

Freedom is in the Mind was published in July 2023.  It's a self-help book for people in and released from prison and is based on scientific principles of hope. 

People in prison and those released from prison are real individuals with feelings, aspirations and hearts. This book is devoted to giving people in prison and those released, the motivation to use hope to provide perspective and focus, and change their life for good. It takes them from positions of hopelessness to a position of hope and belief in the future. 

This must-have mental health toolkit is non-judgmental, and is based on hope research. It provides the mental tools to prisoners and those released from prison, that can be used to escape their current situation, improve their mental health and wellbeing, and give new purpose to their life. The book goes further by using new ideas that are being researched, so that one day, they can become useful science, and transform prisons into places of hope. 

The author is an aspiring hope psychologist and has studied and researched the power of hope for many years. He brings this knowledge to the book so that lives can be changed now and in the future. 

This book would be a useful companion for the families of loved ones in prison, prison officers, criminologists, forensic psychologists, probation leaders, rehabilitation programme providers, and other professionals involved in criminal justice.

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